A.R.M - all recycled material A.R.M - ein performatives
gesellschaftsprojekt von barbara caveng

T.R.A.U.M – an offer to sleep

a foldaway bed was the first object found of the A.R.M project. at the beginning of september 2004 it has been removed from gleimtunnel in berlin and stored during the phase I of the project, the furnishing the model apartment.




in july 2005 the foldaway bed was reconstructed into a sculpture encased by glass for the public space. the embroidery on the sheet and pillow expresses the saying: “who follows his dreams finds no time to sleep” as an „offer to sleep“ it is concerned with the loss of the private sphere given the increasing polarisation of rich and poor.



invited by the artists martin kaltwasser und folke köbbeling the bed was presented between the 7th.-and 14.th of august 2005 in their „model house“ . the installation was part of the „house program“ within the scope of the exhibition "Urbane Realitäten: Fokus Istanbul" in Martin-Gropius-Bau, berlin. during this time the bed was occupied by jan markowsky who is living without permanent home since 2001.



from september 24 to november 6 2005 the foldaway bed "T.R.A.U.M“ could be found in an underground garage. the presentation was part of the „break on through“ by kunstverein neuhausen.


during the entire exhibition of A.R.M phase III · alles im eimer (trashed) from march 10.3. to april 15 2006 at gallery blickensdorff the bed was available for resting or sleeping at 24 hours a day in auguststrasse 65, berlin.. > manual


each friday during the project duration, jan markowsky spent the night in auguststrasse. > his report

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