A.R.M - all recycled material A.R.M - ein performatives
gesellschaftsprojekt von barbara caveng

A.R.M is chic

March 17th. 2009: TV lifestyle magazine CHIC on arte is reporting on A.R.M> CHIC online

Design by Use


Design by Use

The Everyday Metamorphosis of Things
Series: Board of International Research in Design
Brandes, Uta, Stich, Sonja, Wender, Miriam

009, 192 p. 210 illus. in color., Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-7643-8867-6 A Birkhäuser book

The publication considers the furniture E.T.A.T and the multiple Schirmherrschaft.

About this book
This publication explores and analyzes a very special kind of design – the phenomenon, as normal as it is wonderful, in which people with no formal training in design take things that have already been designed and reuse them, convert them to new uses, in short, "misuse" them in the very best sense of the word. Non-intentional design (NID) goes on every day, in every area of life, in every region of the world. Redesign through reuse makes things multifunctional and cleverly combines them to generate new functions. It is often reversible, resource-friendly, improvisational, innovative, and economical. It can become a source of inspiration for design, provided professional designers look up and take notice of what actually happens to all the things they design when they are used.



In the night of July 31 the foldaway bed T.R.A.U.M, installed in front of the N.A.I - National Institute of Architecture in Masstricht, has been completle destroyed. In the same night there where two more acts of vandalisme in town. press



T.R.A.U.M - an offer to sleep at NAI - National institute of architecture | Maastricht

29 june 2008 - 05 october 2008

Sigmund Freud regarded the dream as the guardian of sleep. The exhibition ‘State Alpha, on the architecture of sleep’ examines to what extent the same is true of architecture. Opening on Sunday 29 June, the NAI Maastricht is presenting an exhibition that offers an encyclopaedic approach to the architecture of sleep from many angles. The exhibition aims to stimulate visitors to reflect on how architecture organises our sleep.



in the context of

friday, september 29, 2006, 8 pm
duration 29.9. - 26.11.2006
Kunstsammlungen der Stadt Limburg
Historisches Rathaus Fischmarkt 21
65549 Limburg a.d. Lahn

T.R.A.U.M - an offer to sleep

during phase I of the project, an entire two-room apartment in berlin-mitte was equipped with no-money furniture design. phase II, the foldaway bed T.R.A.U.M is an offer to sleep in public space. during the entire exhibition of phase III · alles im eimer (trashed) at gallery blickensdorff between march 10 and april 15, A.R.M offers sleeping accommodations a few steps from the gallery at auguststrasse 65. it is available for resting or sleeping at any time, 24 hours a day. if you want to make a reservation for the public sleeping place for a particular day or night please contact gallery blickensdorff directly via phone or e-mail. due to the chilly time of the year it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag.

contact: barbara blickensdorff, tel.: 030-442 88 88, mobil: 0177-82 882 79
info@blickensdorff.com, www.blickensdorff.com

Jan Markowsky has been sleeping in the bed. > his report

alles im eimer (trashed) - A.R.M. all recycled material Phase III

Exhibition from 10.03.06 to 15.04.06 - Opening on 10.03.06 from 7 - 9 pm
Galerie Blickensdorff - Auguststr. 65 - 10117 Berlin

Phase III of the project A.R.M – all recycled material (Ger. “arm” = Eng. “poor”) consists of a series of staged photographs depicting the practical, if fictional, uses of two empty buckets of paint that have been converted into a multifunctional appliance. In the photographic examples the untranslatable garbage object M.Ü.L.L Mehr Über LebensLust, whose appearance is reminiscent of a wheeled shopping bag, becomes a container for social refuse and doubt, and can be understood as a prosthesis for human frailty.

Together with the items of furniture from phase I of the project, the gallery becomes a showroom of furnishing ideas for times of changing social values.

The project A.R.M – all recycled material , which began in 2004, is concerned with the process of the enhancement or depreciation of the status of human labour and material goods, and investigates the social contexts of these phenomena.

In phase I of the project, the furnishing of an A.R.M model apartment, society’s garbage was transformed into individual design objects whose practical use within the apartment is apparently documented.

The converted fold-away bed T.R.A.U.M, phase II, serves as an offer to sleep in public places, and is concerned with the loss of the private sphere given the increasing polarisation of rich and poor.

SWR 2 Machete - Das Dschungelmagazin

friday 2005-10-28: Machete - Das Dschungelmagazin on SWR2 reports about A.R.M. > Website of the radio station

a special offer to sleep II

Concepts ++ Architectural Models ++ Performance Pieces ++ Happenings Dealing With (Everyday) Situations

From September 24 to November 6 2005, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Kunstverein Neuhausen is showing the project "BREAK ON THROUGH". Though inspired by the song by The Doors, the topic of this exhibition does not mean a nostalgic retroversion to the "crazy sixties", but rather artistic frontier crossings, alliances with phenomena and situations of everyday life, interventionist and appropriative strategies as well as sociopolitical visions.

  • Opening: Saturday, September 24 2005, 7 p.m.
  • Project duration in the mansion and centre of Neuhausen:
    September 24 - November 6 2005
    Opening hours: Thursdays 5 - 8 p.m., Saturdays 2 - 5 p.m., Sundays 2 - 6 p.m.
    > Map (PDF)

During the entire exhibition, A.R.M - all recycled material offers sleeping accommodations in a public

The foldaway bed "T.R.A.U.M - ein Angebot zum Schlafen" ( "T.R.A.U.M - an offer to sleep") can be found in
the underground garage by the town hall from September 24 to November 6. > Map (PDF)

It is available for resting or sleeping at any time, 24 hours a day.
If you want to make a reservation for the public sleeping place for a particular day or night please contact
the Kunstverein Neuhausen directly via phone or e-mail.
Due to the chilly time of the year it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag.
Contact: Susanne Jacob · Phone: 0172 545 13 45 · Email: kv.neuhausen@bewer.de

KUNSTVEREIN NEUHAUSEN e.V. Schlossplatz 1 · D-73765 Neuhausen/Fildern
1. Vorsitzender: Rolf Haas · Künstlerische Leitung: Susanne Jakob M.A. (0172 545 13 45)
phone: 07158 17000 · fax: 07158 170077 · Email: kv.neuhausen@bewer.de

"break on through" with
Claudia Bosch ++ Katja Brinkmann ++ Christoph Frick ++ Susanne Hoffmann / Christoph Inderwiesen +
+ Claude Horstmann ++ Helga Kellerer ++ Susanne Maute ++ Stèphane Le Mercier ++ Susanna
Messerschmidt ++ Barbara Lörz ++ TEAM PREKÄR: Andreas Mayer-Brennenstuhl mit Barbara Caveng
und Ingo Kochwasser ++ Jürgen Palmtag ++ Stephan Potengowski und Gast: Carola Willbrand ++ Tobias
Ruppert ++ Martin Schmid ++ Dorothea Schulz ++ Luzia Simons ++ ststs ++ Eva Teppe ++ Hans Winkler

ästhetik der armut - barbara caveng baut möbel aus abfall

article of inge ahrens in KUNSTZEITUNG sept. 2005 > read it

22-06-2005 | A.R.M merchandising

new: the shop

02-07-2005 | portrait of barbara caveng and A.R.M on deutschlandradio

> read more

31-05-2005 | A.R.M on „deutsche welle“

the journalist andrea kalbe attended die artist barbara caveng during her foray through berlin.
(broadcast from 27./28.05.2005) > listen (real audio)

27-05-2005 | A.R.M on tv-broadcast “zibb” by RBB 

23-05-2005 | | A.R.M on radio „deutschlandfunk“, broadcast „CORSO“

> listen (mp3)

12-05-2005 | A.R.M on tv-broadcast “stilbruch” by RBB

> report on the stilbruch website

09-05-2005 | A.R.M guest apartment

starting on june, first the A.R.M model apartment can be rented by the public as A.R.M guest apartment. visit the > guest apartment

24-04-2005 | alles muss man selber machen

A.R.M in berlin daily newspaper Der Tagesspiel: „alles muss man selber machen - wohnen im Müll: wie die künstlerin barbara caveng designermöbel aus abfall baut und der verwahrlosung begegnet.“
feature by udo badelt. > read online > PDF

07-04-2005 | A.R.M on TV broadcast “polylux”

23-03-2005 | opening of the A.R.M musterwohnung/ model apartment in angermünderstrasse 1, berlin-mitte

04-03-2005 | a piece of A.R.M in NGBK (neue gesellschaft für bildende kunst)

the multifunctional sleeping chair M.U.T is shown as a part of the exhibition "Wie verändern Sie Ihre Gesellschaft" organised by evolutionären zellen . the piece of furniture M.U.T is the prototyp of the project A.R.M all recycled material.
exhibition dates: 5.3. – 3.4.2005

02-03-2005 | öffentliche erstbegehung der A.R.M musterwohnung

am 23.3. um 19 uhr lädt A.R.M zur erstbegehung in die musterwohnung ein. fühlen Sie A.R.M in der angermünderstrasse 1, VH 2. stock. weitere informationen bald auf dieser website.

24-02-2005 | mehr A.R.M möbel

neu unter möbel: der table ASYL und die beiden stühle chap n'dale.

12-11-2004 | website launch

the A.R.M website goes online.

15-10-2004 | musterwohnung / model apartment

beginning of the realisation to furnish a 2-room-apartment in berlin mitte based on the A.R.M – principle.
> more infos

13-10-2004 | anmut

at 13 st october the registered association anmut is establised. anmut supports the project A.R.M.

02-10-2004 | M.U.T

about 50.000 people are demonstrating in berlin against the introduction of ALG II (unemployment funds).
the A.R.M project starts concretly with manufactering the furniture piece M.U.T.

09-2004 | project development

inspired by the media, the public discussion and the strong social opposition against the introduction of ALG II (unemployment funds) as a part of the reforms of the employment market called HARTZ IV by the government, the concept for the project A.R.M - all recycled material results.

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